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Yeah, so for the past few days, I've really really REALLY been missing having a dog. I completely miss having a pet. I'm not sure why, I have 2 small children to chase, isn't that the same? Heh.

Seriously though, for some reason I've just really been missing my old dog Misty. I don't know if it's because it's been about 3 years since she died or what. I just find myself thinking about her and missing her, and wanting to tangle my fingers in her hair and listen to her sigh as she rolls over and looks at me.

I was so heartbroken when I had to put her down. I wish she were here to play with my babies. I wanted her to see my babies, she was such a good dog. Is it weird that I miss my dog still? I guess it's because I love so completely and selfishly. I miss my dog.

I still have my Schmendrick, kind of. He's with my parents because he snapped at the babies, which is understandable, Wheaten Terriers really aren't generally kid friendly, and Morgan kinda likes to pull and tug on hair. So it was more of a safety issue for everyone involved. And I know he's not doing that great, over the weekend my mother told me that he'd been sluggish and not acting right.

But I have two babies to worry about. And as much as I want a dog right now, I've got babies. I can't imagine, I'm going to housetrain the dog and potty train Morgan at the same time? They can both potty outside? Good grief...

I know we can't afford a dog right now. Not to mention the landlord would flip... *snert*. I'm actually FINALLY getting my teefs fixed, so that is kind of more important than a dog right now. But man I miss one.

I'm looking at about 6k for my teeth right now. It's hard to imagine just how much getting my teeth cleaned, and starting the actual work on them, has improved my mood. I wonder how much being so depressed about my teeth has affected the depression. I'm still stressed with everyone around me, but it's more like they're raining on my parade, interrupting me. If that makes any sense. I can't get over the difference. Once my teeth were cleaned yesterday, they looked like they did 12 years ago. Almost. a bit discolored since then, and you could still see some of the major cavities, but jesus I can't stop staring at them. So I got a root canal today with 3 fillings, and I go back on 4/20. Heh.

Slowly but surely. Baby's crying. Stupid storms.



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