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Creating my own reality

and sometimes a rant or three

15 September 1981
whatever my fuddled little brain can come up with. Or when I finally get a moment to myself, and can't do anything else loud and annoying, like sew. I miss sewing. I miss it BAD. This is where my thoughts go when the baby's asleep, the husband's at work, but my brain won't shut up. And it's a way to say stuff to people without worrying if they're reading it or giving a shit.

And when the children are screaming at each other, and it's nap time, and I want to pull my hair out, this is where I go. this is where I go when I wake up crying because I was dreaming about someone I love, and they aren't here, and I haven't seen them in years, or even talked to them in years, but I think about them constantly.